Our Projects

We’re proud of the work we do for our clients. We take pride in delivering quality product in a timely manner. Our communication with the owner is constant and clear. Please view the examples of our projects located in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

P234 Potable Water and Energetics Production Fire Suppression Line Replacement

$7.8 Million

Naval Support Facility Indian Head

The work includes the demolition and installation of 50,000 LF of potable water mains and associated service connections.

Repair Storm Water for 6 Outfalls & Security Fence

$2.6 Million

Andrews Air Force Base

The purpose of this project is to renovate, restore, and upgrade various aspects of the seven design outfall drainage areas to provide adequate storm water drainage, reinstate access to the perimeter security road, and repair the damaged security fence. The seven selected design outfalls collect stormwater from most of the approximately 7 square miles of Joint Base Andrews.

Donaldson Tributary Stream Restoration

$1.6 million

County of Arlington

This County of Arlington Project involved 1400LF of stream restoration that includes grading to improve channel, installation of rock features, installation of storm water improvements and installation of landscaping.

Route 28 (Centreville Rd) Widening

$2 million

Manassas, VA

Old Line completed 8000 LF of storm replacement and manhole installation for the Route 28 Road widening project for Shirley Contracting. This work was completed in the middle of heavy 6 lane traffic and required extensive maintenance of traffic as well as pedestrian safety.

Piney Run Stream Restoration

$8 million

Eldersburg, MD

Stream restoration of 17,000 LF of Piney Run including the installation of timber mat roads, rock cross vane structures, step pool structures, stream features, stream diversions, pump maintenance, and route discharge to avoid negatively impacting wetlands and trees.

Large Meter and Meter Vault Replacement Program

$4 million

Various Locations throughout Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties

Old Line Construction is a part of a three-year program with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to install, rehabilitate, replace, or repair fire hydrants, meter housings, sewer/waterlines, manholes, service connections, cleanouts, etc. We were just recently renewed for an extension on this program.

Andrews Tree Clearing

$1.6 million

Andrews Air Force Base

Old Line Construction provided site development and tree clearing for future construction of an aircraft hazardous cargo pad at Andrews Air Force Base.

MDTA Police Training Center Site Development

$2.4 million

Baltimore, MD

Old Line provided site development work in preparation for a future MDTA Police Training Facility. The scope of work included storm water management, erosion and sediment control, landscaping, roadway, and parking lot installation. This job also included water utility service and electric pathway provisions for future utility service.

Miscellaneous Water and Sewer Asset Repairs

$4 million

Various Locations throughout Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties

This task order job involves the installation, rehabilitation, replacement and/or repair of clean outs, curb boxes, curb stops, fire hydrants, water house service connections, meter housing, valves, manholes, water mainlines, and sewer lines. The work requires excavation, backfilling, temporary restoration, maintenance of traffic, demolition, earthwork, pavement restoration, and water system leak detection. Old Line is required to locate, adjust, install, clean or replace existing  parts and/or accessories. Some of the locations require shutdowns and abandoning water services. The water mains include sizes of 14 inches or less in diameter with depths grater than 3.5 feet. The sewer lines require to conduct dye testing services, snake services, installing drop connections and/or sewer mains, reconnect and reinstate laterals and/or lateral connections.

Quantico Waterline 2020

$3.5 million

Marine Corps Base Quantico

Quantico Waterline 2020 (this one is another quantico waterline job, not the same as the one already there)
Installation 6000 LF 8, 10, 12″ Water including replacement of valves, fire hydrants, abandonment of 1000 LF of 12″ transit pipe, jack n bore, mill and overlay, fire liason, utility crossings, erosion and sediment control, traffic control, badging, and OSHA safety for NAVFAC.

Watkins Mill Stream Restoration

$1.6 million

City of Gaithersburg MD

Old Line completed 2400 LF of stream restoration across three stream segments of Whetstone Run, Watkins Mill Run, and an unnamed tributary. The project realigned Whetstone Run and reinforced both streams to minimize future erosion. The project created nearly 1.5 acres of new wetland areas while decreasing the potential for bank erosion.

Quantico MCBQ Waterline Replacement

$1.9 million

Marine Corps Base Quantico

OLC replaced over 2 miles of 12″ Ductile Iron Water Main on Application Trail at Quantico Marine Base. The project involved jack and bore across a live creek. Application Trail is an active training area for the soldiers at Quantico. This job required OLC to have very efficient work in highly sensitive areas due to the native and endangered species as well as being a UXO Site. The work included but was not limited to: excavation, demo, directional drilling, clearing and grubbing, water services, earthwork, site restoration, erosion and sediment control, and pedestrian/vehicle MOT Control.

Arlington National Cemetery McPherson Area Road Repair

$2 Million

Arlington National Cemetery VA

The scope of this project includes replacing approximately 9,500LF of existing roadway, sub grade, inlets, drain pipes, and necessary under drains on the south-west area of the cemetery. Associated roads include: McPherson Drive, Farragut Drive, Jackson Circle, Lawton Drive, Capron Drive, McKinley Drive, Miles Drive, Hobson Drive, and section of Grant Drive. Scope also includes intersection of adjacent roads up to the nearest drain inlet, as required to facilitate drain line work, and storm water drain line replacement. New conduit and hand hole boxes shall be installed for a future WI-FI system. Finishing grading and sod shall be installed on all disturbed areas. Drain lines, drain inlets, manholes, and roadway reconstructed to current VDOT standards or as otherwise specified by ANC requirements. Care must be taken to protect trees and root systems along the roadways. Implement Project Phasing that will minimize impacts pedestrian traffic and cemetery operations. ANC is not only our Nations Most Sacred Shrine but is also now a Nationally-recognized Level III Arboretum so the quality of landscape materials and installation is a critical success factor.

Repair/Replace West Side Deluge at Andrews Airforce Base

$2.5 million

Andrews Air Force Base

Old Line Construction repaired and replacement 12,000 LF 16″ and 18″ Water HDPE Pipe to include a directional bore, erosion control, and various site improvements including curb, gutter, asphalt, demolition, utility conflicts, inlet protection, sidewalk, and minor landscaping.